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Fratello On Air #14 ?Talking Online fake watch Sales and Numbers With Chrono24 CEO Tim Stracke

Recently, Tim Stracke gave an interview on WatchPro, discussing the impact of Corona on the (online) fake watch sales. Sitting on a big pile of data, generated by the millions of users of the world's largest fake watch market platform, Tim Stracke is the go-to place for the fake watch industry when it comes to numbers.

In this 14th episode of Fratello on Air, I speak with Tim about Chrono24. We discuss why he purchased the platform back in 2010 and, of course, what he sees happening right now due to the corona crisis. Are sales going up, or down? Are people trying to get rid of their replica watches via Chrono24 or is the opposite happening? Tim gives us some very useful and clear insights on the state of the fake watch market today, based on fresh data. I also ask him how he can assure that someone is making a safe purchase via Chrono24. How does the transaction work? What does Chrono24 do to make sure you get what you want? This, and a lot more, is being discussed in this hour-long podcast with Chrono24 (Co-)CEO Tim Stracke.

After the mandatory wrist check (see below), Tim and RJ discuss these topics in this podcast. Our Fratello on Air podcast can be played via Apple, Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Buzzsprout.

Chrono24 (Co-)CEO Tim Stracke

The numbers

Currently, Chrono24 has over 480,000 replica watches listed. Two-thirds of all transactions are pre-owned replica watches and are offered by more than 3,000 dealers and 20,000 private sellers. The annual transaction volume on Chrono24 is ?.5 billion and there's a 30% growth year-on-year. There are approximately 9 million unique visitors on Chrono24 every month. The most important countries are:

In the podcast, I ask Tim whether Corona has influenced the development of the (ever) increasing prices on the usual suspects. He shares some of the insights that are based on transactions up to last week. That, and more, in this week's podcast interview with Tim Stracke.

Handgelenk Kontrolle

As always, we show you the replica watches that we are wearing during the recording of this podcast. Tim Stracke is wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday 2 "Ultraman? That is, of course, a fake watch close to our hearts.

I was wearing my Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Moonshine gold version, on a leather strap. This leather strap (reference CUZ009859) was actually meant for the Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 edition. However, I decided to put it on the Speedmaster in 18K Moonshine gold. I used a Sedna gold folding clasp. It has a slightly different color tone to it, but there is no folding clasp available in Moonshine gold (yet).

If you have any questions for us, for Tim or want to do suggestions, let us know via [email protected].

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